Can-Am DS 250 or Kymco Mongoose or Maxxer 300/250 ATV Widening and Shock Conversion Kit


Kymco Mongoose or Maxxer 300 or 250 ATV Widening and Shock Conversion Kit

We now carry 400mm shocks that work great with this kit! (find below in ‘related products’)

We now carry 400mm shocks that work great with this kit! (find below in ‘related products’)

The difference between the “widening kit” and the “widening and shock conversion kit” is the top shock mount brackets.  The widening kits simply relocate the stock shocks outward to match the width increase to the a-arms.  The widening and shock conversion kits provide a range of vertical locations where the stock shocks can be mounted depending on how you assemble the shock brackets.  These adjustments will allow you to use longer shocks, adjust the ride height of the front of the ATV, or both.  Some of the shocks that will fit on this model with this kit include 400EX, 450R, YFZ450, 660R, 700R, Z400 and R450 shocks.  Stock or aftermarket shocks for these models should fit with this kit.   In general, we have found that the much less expensive shocks without external reservoirs (like the Z400 shocks) work very well with our kit, and will suffice for most customers.  We recommend the +6 inch kit when using the shock conversion kit, so that there is more room to allow the shocks to operate at the best possible angle (the shocks will be more straight up and down with the +4.5 inch kit).

Stock brake lines on the Kymco Mongoose 300/250 WILL NOT be long enough to install the +6.0″ kit but should be long enough for the +4.5″ kit.  Usually we try to let customers know if they will be long enough, and if they can get by without extended brake lines, but in this case there is no alternative.

Diamond J Customs does sell brake lines if you would prefer to use extended-length stainless steel braided brake lines with your widening kit.

You can find more general information about our widening kits under the  Front Widening Kits menu and the Widening and Shocks Conversion Kits menu.

Instructions Download: K250_WIDwSH_tri-fold_instr

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Weight11 lbs

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