Kawasaki KFX-450R ATV Widening and Lowering Kit


Kawasaki KFX-450R ATV Widening and Lowering Kit

The kit uses all of the same components as the widening kit, except the shock widening components are not included.  By widening the mounts for the a-arms, but keeping the upper shock mounts in the stock location, the suspension “squats” and lowers the front of the ATV by about 3 1/2 inches on the +6 inch widening and lowering kit. The +4.5 inch widening and lowering kit lowers the front by about 2 1/2 inches.

Stock brake lines on the Kawasaki KFX-450R WILL NOT be long enough to install the +6.0″ kit but should be long enough for the +4.5″ kit.  Usually we try to let customers know if they will be long enough, and if they can get by without extended brake lines, but in this case there is no alternative.

Diamond J Customs does sell brake lines if you would prefer to use extended-length stainless steel braided brake lines with your widening kit.

You can find more general information about our widening kits under the Front Widening Kits menu and the Widening and Lowering Kits menu.

Instructions Download: KFX450R

Weight10 lbs

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