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In 2004, when a father needed an affordable solution to making his wife and kids’ new ATVs more stable; Diamond J Customs was born.

The purpose of our company is to develop and deliver cost effective solutions for improving ATV performance and safety.

There are plenty of companies that provide expensive, high end products for the ATV rider that wants the ultimate in performance and is willing to pay the higher price.

While we do have high end products in our line, we tend to focus most of our energy on developing sensible solutions that provide 75-90% of the performance for 10-25% of the price of our competitors.

A good example of this is our widening kit line. Widening an ATV adds stability in rough terrain and on side hills, improves cornering ability and makes the rider feel more comfortable. There are dozens of companies that sell expensive aftermarket extended a-arms to widen the suspension on an ATV. They are a great solution, but we know that most ATV owners decide they are too expensive for the benefit they provide. The unfortunate thing about this, is that without our widening kit product these customers don’t have a good alternative. It doesn’t make sense for them to go without any improvement, just because they don’t want to spend the big price tag of after-market a-arms. Our widening kits cost 10-25% the cost of extended a-arms to get the same added width. A sensible solution at an affordable price.

Our company is based on sensible ideas like this. We never stop asking the question “What other solution could provide the same value but without spending so much??”. Tens of thousands of customers have agreed with us, by buying our products, and returning as repeat buyers.

We also try to provide solutions for as many ATV models as we can. Who else provides a widening solution for a 1987 Yamaha Warrior, a Suzuki 250, or a Kymco 90? If we don’t have a kit for your model, let us know that you are interested, and we will let you know if it is in the works!

Our company has a staff committed to developing the best products for you. We have engineers with decades of experience designing, analyzing and building products for the heavy equipment and off-road machinery industries.

For example, one of our Mechanical Engineers has more than 30 years of design experience working on the “big green machines” you see in the fields everyday. He has experience designing on several of their product lines, and has worked in several countries during his career. He just happens to be an ATV enthusiast who loves the opportunity to design and analyze the products in our lineup to make sure they are just as strong and reliable as the parts that work in the fields and build our roads.

Another one of our engineers has the same number of years of experience working on the “big red machines”! These two engineers are brothers, and they choose to use their talents to improve the ATV sport they enjoy with their families.

If you have questions about our company or our products after reading the information on our website, send us an email. We would love to hear from you!!!

Thank you very much for your interest in our products.

Diamond J Customs

Email us at DiamondJcustoms@yahoo.com

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