Honda TRX90 to 400EX Rear Wheels Conversion Kit (& 4x115mm Yamaha bolt pattern)


Convert from 4x85mm to 4x110mm & 4x115mm

This listing is for a Rear Wheel Conversion Kit. The Front Wheel Conversion Kit is different and is sold in a separate listing. 

If you have a TRX90 quad and you are looking for any of the following:

  • better traction (even when braking)
  • better flotation
  • a more cushioned ride over bumps and jumps
  • more stability in the turns or on hills
  • or even just better looks 

then, you should be interested in this kit. (It also works very well with our TRX90 A-arm widening kit and rear shock kit.)

This kit, complete with hardware shown, will allow you to mount wheels and tires from a 250EX, 250R, 250X, 300EX, 400EX or 450R Honda ATV on your TRX90. (wheels with 4 holes on 110mm centers) This kit also will convert to the very common adult Yamaha bolt pattern (wheels with 4 holes on 115mm centers)

Notice in the pictures how the design of the Honda wheels makes it possible to bolt this conversion plate in place without any modification to the wheel or the ATV. It is very common for wheels and tires from these quads to be available on eBay. Often owners of these quads upgrade to aftermarket tires and wheels for racing, or sell half-used tires mounted on wheels so they can buy new.

We were ready to buy new tires and wheels for our 400ex, so we mounted the half-used tires and wheels on our TRX90 using these adapters. This setup is shown in the pictures (the rear tires are 20×10-9’s). The wider tires make the TRX90 a full four inches wider, and they work very well with the TRX90 Front Widening Kit or our TRX90 to 300ex Dual A-arm Conversion Kit that we also have available. (We now carry all of the complete suspension as a kit)

With these new wheels and tires along with one of the front kits and rear shock conversion kit, our TRX90’s have awesome performance and awesome looks!

The bolt pattern on a TRX90 is 4 on 85mm (3.35in) centers front and rear. The bolt pattern on a 400ex, 250r, 450r, 300ex, 250x or 250ex is 4 on 110mm (4.33in) centers on the front and 144mm (5.67in) on the rear.

Tires and Wheels not included with this kit.

Find more information about our wheel conversion kits under the wheel conversions menu.

Weight3 lbs

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