Yamaha Blaster 200 ATV Widening Kit


Yamaha Blaster 200 ATV Widening Kit

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For the Blaster kit, we highly recommend the +6.0 inch kit because the stock Blaster is so narrow to begin with. The +6.0 kit also allows more room for using longer shocks if you purchase the Widening and Shock Conversion Kit.

Stock brake lines should be long enough to install either the +4.5” or the +6.0″ kit if you disconnect the intermediate brake line support on the a-arms to provide more slack in the lines. You may also need to disconnect and reroute the brake lines over the top frame tube to allow even more slack.

Diamond J Customs does sell brake lines if your Blaster has hydraulic disk brakes, and you would prefer to use extended-length stainless steel braided brake lines with your widening kit.

You can find more general information about our widening kits under the Front Widening Kits menu from the Home Page.

Instructions Download: BLST_SWID_tri-fold_instr


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