Suzuki LT80 / KFX80 / LT90 to Z400 4x110mm Rear Wheels Tires Conversion Kit


Convert from 4x85mm to 4x110mm

This listing is for a Rear Wheel Conversion Kit. The Front Wheel Conversion Kit is different and is sold in a separate listing. 

If you have an LT80/LT90 quad and you are looking for any of the following:

  • better traction (even when braking)
  • better floatation
  • a more cushioned ride over bumps and jumps
  • more stability in the turns or on hills
  • or even just better looks 

then, you should be interested in this kit. (It also works very well with our LT80 to Honda 300ex dual a-arm front suspension kit)

This kit, complete with hardware shown, will allow you to mount wheels and tires from a Suzuki R450, Z400, Z250, Honda 250EX, 250R, 250X, 300EX, 400EX or 450R on your LT80. (wheels with 4 holes on 110mm centers on the rear)

It is very common for wheels and tires from these quads to be available on eBay (much more common than the odd 3 bolt pattern wheels that came stock on the LT80). Often owners of these quads upgrade to aftermarket tires and wheels for racing, or sell half-used tires mounted on wheels so they can buy new.

– This kit requires no cutting or welding, and can be installed easily in less than an hour for a typical home mechanic.

The wider tires make the LT80 a full four inches wider, and they work very well with our LT80 to 300ex Dual A-arm Conversion Kit that we also have available on our website.

Or, you can change out the front wheels on your LT80 with our front wheel conversion kit that will allow you to use 4x144mm wheels on the front.

With these new wheels and tires along with one of the front kits, our LT80’s have awesome performance, and the awesome looks they should have come with from the factory!

We also now sell Custom Aluminum Rear Wheel Spacers in our other ebay ads!!! Check them out, they are unlike any other spacers on the market!!! When combined with these rear wheel adapters for the LT80, you can use those aluminum wheel spacers to widen the quad and convert to 110mm bolt pattern.

– Steel plates are precision cut with a LASER for accuracy. Plates are 1/4″ thick and add 3/4″ of width each side also.

– THIS KIT COMES WITH INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BLACK POWDER COAT FINISH. Kit components go through a seven stage chemical dip cleaning process, electro-statically dipped in black paint, baked, then powder painted and baked again to a super high-strength gloss-black finish.

– All the mounting hardware shown is included (tires and wheels not included). The hardware uses nylon insert-collar lock nuts to resist vibration and prevent loosening of the assemblies. We’ve never had to retighten a piece of hardware on any of these kits even after running motocross races for months. The nuts are regular flat nuts, and work best with wheels that do not use tapered nuts.

The bolt pattern on an LT80 is 3 on 120mm (4.72in) centers front and rear. The bolt pattern on a Z400, Z250, 400ex, 250r, 450r, 300ex, 250x or 250ex is 4 on 110mm (4.33in) centers on the rear and 144mm (5.67in) on the front. Tires and Wheels not included with this kit.

Instructions Download: Z80_RW_Inst1

Weight6 lbs

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