Suzuki LT80 / Kawasaki KFX80 (3/120) to 4/110mm Golf Cart Wheels & Tires Conversion (Front or Rear)


Convert from 4x85mm to 4x144mm

Patent Pending


If you have an LT80/KFX80 quad and you are looking to convert to from that very odd 3 bolt pattern to the very common 4/110mm bolt pattern found on most golf cart wheels and the rear of most of Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Kymco, Polaris and other sport and kid ATVs, or you want to convert to the 4/115mm bolt pattern found on the rear of most Yamaha adult sport quad, this kit does it for you.  The kit converts to 4/110 AND 4/115 bolt patterns just by using the correct set of holes in the plates.  The pictures all show the 4/110mm bolt pattern holes being used but if you look close you can see a another set of holes in the plates that are spread out to a slightly larger bolt circle.

Also, this kit will widen the wheel mouting location by 1.75 inches (45mm) on each side.

The pictures show the hub and suspension removed from the ATV to provide better pictures, only the wheels need to be removed from the ATV to install the kit.

You may want to convert to a different bolt pattern to be able to make use of the thousands of custom golf cart wheel designs that are available Or for any of the following reasons: 
- better traction (even when braking) – better flotation – a more cushioned ride over bumps and jumps – more stability in the turns or on hills – or even just for better looks!

This wheel conversion kit, complete with hardware shown, will allow you to mount TWO rear wheels and tires from a Suzuki R450, Z400, Z250, Honda 250EX, 250R, 250X, 300EX, 400EX or 450R on THE FRONT OR REAR of your LT80.

It is very common for wheels and tires from these quads to be available on eBay (much more common than the odd 3 bolt pattern wheels that came stock on the LT80). Often owners of these quads upgrade to aftermarket tires and wheels for racing, or sell half-used tires mounted on wheels so they can buy new.

– This kit requires no cutting or welding, and can be installed easily in less than an hour for a typical home mechanic.

The wider tires and width usually make the LT80 a full six inches wider.

With these new wheels and tires, our LT80’s have awesome performance, and the awesome looks they should have come with from the factory!

Instructions Download: Z80_GOLF

Weight7 lbs

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