[Single] DIAMOND+ 400mm Machined Shocks with Adjustable Reservoirs (15.75″)


Initially developed for our ATV shock conversion kits made in 2004, we set out to develop the best adjustable shock under $250.

Due to popular demand, we have created the DIAMOND+ model shock with added compression adjustment and a high quality machined body for only $399!

After years of feedback and improvements, we are happy to provide a shock that can be used on ATVs, Motorcycles, and other off-road vehicles to upgrade stock suspension performance.


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Compatible with our Adult ATV Shock Conversion Kits. (Same size as 400EX/YFZ450/700R stock shocks)

These shocks are adjustable in preload, compression, and rebound:

Preload can be adjusted using included tool to tighten the nut/collar above spring coils.

Compression can be adjusted by twisting the top knob on the reservoir.

Rebound can be adjusted by twisting the bottom knob on the reservoir.


Spring Rate:
400mm x 9mm Coils: 172 lbs/in


Weight16 lbs
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