ATSKi Conversion Kit for Most Bolt Patterns Other Than 4/144 and 4/156mm


Tires to Skis Conversion Kit for bolt patterns: 4/80mm, 4/85mm, 4/88mm, 4/90mm, 4/100m, 4/4″, 4/110mm, 4/115mm, 4/137mm, 4/140 – 4/150mm

This kit has continued to grow in popularity each year, and we’re all set to send them out for another season in the snow! This year we are adding the disc-brakes rotation-limiting rubber stops in with each kit.

For those of you that haven’t heard of us, we’d like to introduce you to a product we call ATSki…  Why park that sport quad when the snow starts to fly

For a demonstration of the product, click here to see a customer YouTube video!
(Professional riders, closed course. Please ride carefully and in control at all times.)

Ride the ditches, trails and canals and have some fun! Ideal use conditions for this kit is snow from 2 to 4 inches deep which can have occasional deep areas crossable with momentum. Hard packed snow trails and snow covered ice are also ideal conditions. Use in deep snow is not feasible without rear tracks. Good snow tires improve performance. Studded tires as shown in the pictures further increase performance.

This kit allows you to purchase Polaris or Camoplast skis (click here for more information). and bolt them directly to your ATV. It also works with SlyDogSkis which are available on the internet in many colors. You will need a pair of plastic skis, a pair of ski loops for the front of the skis and a set of carbide runners for the bottom of the skis to complete the kit.

We have combination kits available which include the skis, loops and carbides (click here for more information).   

The kit works on several bolt patterns found on ATVs and UTVs.  The compatible bolt patterns are 4/80mm, 4/85mm, 4/88mm, 4/90mm, 4/100m, 4/4″, 4/110mm, 4/115mm, 4/137mm, 4/140 – 4/150mm

The dimension is measured from center to center across opposite hub studs. 

This kit requires no cutting or welding if used with Polaris or Camoplast skis we listed above, and can be installed easily in an hour for a typical home mechanic.  The skis just bolt to the brackets using the hardware supplied in the kit.  The brackets bolt directly to the ATV hubs, using the stock lug nuts (flip the lug nuts around so they have a flat surface against the brackets instead of the tapered surface used to center the wheels).  No parts other than the tires and wheels need to be removed from the ATV.

The kit works especially well with our widening kits because they add additional width and stability.

Its fun to play around in the snow with a sport quad with tires, but most of the drag that slows you down is caused by the front wheels pushing through the snow.  With skis you have less drag or you go over the snow with the front and your ability to go through and steer in snow is greatly improved.  We’ve ridden our test machines side by side with snowmobiles in the packed ditches and over the snow drifts, and have had a great time doing it. Ideal conditions are either packed trails or around 2-4 inches of snow. The tires don’t have much surface area, so their ability to float over the snow is limited and their ability to dig in deep snow is relatively poor.

You can run in shallow snow and packed trails with your stock tires, but we have found that MUD SHARK tires or paddle tires are the best for being able to get incredible traction in almost all conditions.  They are highly recommended if you are looking for a special snow tire.  Another option is from  They have a paddle tire for the rear that really gets you through the deep snow! We offer a Paddle Tires, Wheels & Studs kit including 1 5/8″ snowmobile studs from the inside of the tires. These have incredible traction on ice, packed snow trails and many other conditions.

You can find some of our customers’ videos on YouTube if you do a seach on “ATSki”. 

To limit the rotation of the ski’s, we have included rotation-limiting rubber bumpers that mount in the holes of your disc brakes. 

If you don’t have disc brakes you can run a bungee cord from each ski loop to the front bumper, this is the simplest solution that is also very effective.  

Steel brackets are precision cut with a LASER for accuracy.  

Parts will come with industrial gloss black powder coating for corrosion resistance.

All the mounting hardware shown is included (skis, loops and carbides not included).


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