4/85mm to 4/110mm Conversion Wheel Spacers, 2″ thick


4/85mm to 4/110mm Conversion Wheel Spacers, 2″ thick

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These 2″ thick spacers combine the conversion from the 4/85mm bolt pattern found on the front and rear of the Honda TRX90, 90EX and 90X, to the very common 4/110mm bolt pattern found on the rear of adult Honda and Suzuki ATVs as well as the front and rear bolt patterns found on Polaris Predator and Outlaw 90s as well as the Yamaha Raptor 90s.
If you want to convert bolt patterns without adding width, we have a different product which is a steel bolt conversion kit.
They provide 2 inches of spacing per side (4 inches total). They include all necessary hardware. The nuts provided can be used to secure these spacers to the ATV so you can use your existing lug nuts to attach the new wheels to the spacers.
As you can see from the design, the weight has been optimized. They only weigh 2.3lbs (1kg) each including the steel studs and nuts.

We generally do not recommend wheel spacers for use on the front of ATV’s.  Front wheel spacers cause the wheels to go through a forward and backward motion when going through the steering range, which can cause force feedback to the rider and a tendency to steer itself.

These wheel spacers are made from Extruded Billet 6061-T6511 aluminum.  Heat treated for added strength.

Measure the distance across opposite studs on your hubs to determine if these will fit.  85mm is just under three and three-eighth inches (3.35″).  110mm is just under four and three-eighth inches (4.33″).

Weight4.2 lbs
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