Hook-n-go TowBar

Our Hook-N-Go tow bar allows you to tow a youth quad or sport ATV behind your 4×4 ATV or UTV.

If you have kids, you know that the length of time and distance they can ride before getting tired is sometimes limited. So if you are going on a longer ride, your current options aren’t so great. We don’t want you to have to leave them behind or have them ride with you the whole time. When they get tired, we’ve seen people leave the quad along the side of the road and come back to it later. With this product you can let them ride as long as they want, and literally in a few seconds you can hook up their ATV behind yours and keep going down the trail. If they feel like riding a little later, they can be back on their own ATV again in a few seconds.  It also works well if one of the ATVs should have a problem along the trail and needs to be towed back to your trailer.

The kit has a standard end that hooks over a frame tube which is common on many youth models. It also has an optional pivoting hook plate that can be used to hook just about any frame tube. The key to how it works, is that it hooks a foot or more behind the front bumper and when you lift up on the tow bar to hook it to your adult ATV, the tow bar hits against the frame near the front bumper and lifts the youth ATV off the gorund in the front. You can see this in some of the pictures. The rubber strap is then attached to the bumper to keep pressure on the tow bar so it doesn’t become disconnected or slide around. We have put hundreds and hundreds of miles on these tow bars during our testing and our own family rides and have never had any issues with the connection.

This kit comes complete with hardware shown, including the 1/2″ pins and cotter keys to allow you to quickly fold it up for storage and a 5/8″ hitch pin for hooking it up to a standard hitch plate.

The hitch channel also has holes on the sides to let you mount a ball hitch coupler like those found in most hardware stores so you can hook it to your 1 7/8″ or 2″ ball (these parts are not included in our kit).

Steel plates are precision cut with a LASER for accuracy and formed with a CNC forming machine.

THIS KIT COMES WITH INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BLACK POWDER COAT FINISH. Kit components go through a seven stage chemical dip cleaning process, electro-statically dipped in black paint, baked, then powder painted and baked again to a super high-strength gloss-black finish.

The hardware uses nylon insert-collar lock nuts to resist vibration and prevent loosening of the assemblies.

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