Brake Lines

A goal of our business is to proivde customers with parts they need, but while keeping costs as low as possible. The fact is that in many cases when using our widening kits, the customer can get by without purchasing extended length brake lines. Stock brake lines on most of the models are long enough if you disconnect the intermediate brake line support on the a-arms to provide more slack in the lines. We try to indicate what our experience has been for each model, and help you know if there is a chance to avoid costs by doing this.

Please look at the webpage for your particular model for these comments. With that said, we also know that disconnecting the intermediate brake line support isn’t something everyone wants to do. If you ride through trails and other conditions that might hook the brake line, we recommend considering longer brake lines. Also, if you want to maintain a clean look, getting the braided stainless steel lines and routing them through the factory supports is the way to go! For this reason, Diamond J Customs does sell brake lines if you would prefer to use extended-length stainless steel braided brake lines with your widening kit.

We carry two different lengths, and have listed the models they will work best on. 90cc models and the older Yamaha Blaster 200s with drum brakes do not use these brake lines.

58″ Brake Lines Recommended Models:


Raptor 700R with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

Raptor 660R with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

YFZ 450 with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

YFZ 450R / 450X with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

Raptor 350 with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

Banshee with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit


450R with +4.5 or +6.0 kit

400 with +4.5 or +6.0 kit


ltz400 with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

ltz250 with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit


Outlaw 525 with +4.5 or +6.0 kit

Predator 500 with +4.5 or +6.0 kit

54″  Brake Lines Recommended Models:


Warrior with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

Raptor 250 with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

Raptor 125 with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit

Blasters with hydraulic disc brakes with +4.5 or +6.0 inch kit


300 with +4.5 or +6.0 kit

250 with +4.5 or +6.0 kit

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