adjustable shock mount

This kit requires no cutting or welding, and can be installed easily in an afternoon for a typical home mechanic. The kit relocates the stock a-arms out wider and provides a bracket with new top mounting locations for the shocks.

Brake lines are long enough for the conversion. Returning to stock condition will typically take less than three hours.

We have sold hundreds of these kits, and they ARE designed and used for the harsh conditions of motocross and GNCC racing. The unique design of the mount brackets allows the kit to bolt up to the ATV without removing any of the stock components, including the supports for the front fenders. Its difficult to see in the pictures, but the main “C” bracket that connects one side of the shock mounts to the other, is made up of two pieces of 1/4″ thick steel for laminated strength. Again, this is designed for the enormous forces created by landing motocross jumps.

Steel is precision cut with a LASER for accuracy. All brackets are 1/4″ thick steel and bolt together for multiple thickness strength.

Four separate adjustment heights are available just by assembling the brackets differently. This, along with the spring adjustments you will have on the 400EX shocks (sold separately on eBay) will allow you to tune the suspension to your driving conditions (rough trails, jumps, etc.). This is important, everyone’s driving habits are different (as well as the rider’s weight) – we need to be able to adjust our suspension.

Because of the adjustments available, you could try these brackets with any stock or aftermarket shock that has 3/4 inch (19mm) wide mounts with 3/8 inch (10mm) holes. The shocks should be the range of 13 to 17 inches long.

All the mounting hardware shown is included (shocks not included). The hardware uses nylon insert-collar lock nuts to resist vibration and prevent loosening of the assemblies. We’ve never had to retighten a piece of hardware on any of these kits even after running motocross races for months.

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