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Youth Quad Dual A-Arm Conversion Kits

Quad-Rodding goes extreme when you look at what we are doing for some of the mini-quads! The dual a-arm conversion allows the customer to replace the stock single a-arm suspension on their youth ATV with a much more functional system that has dual a-arms, longer travel shocks and disc brake system.

Rather than develop and manufacture custom a-arms for this conversion, Diamond J Customs utilizes the abundance of stock a-arms that are available on the market (eBay) for a fraction of the cost it would be to make these comonents.

Kits come complete with all necessary hardware (nuts, bolts and washers).

Steel brackets are made from 1/4" thick carbon steel and are designed to be used in all types of riding and racing, including motocross. Many customers are using these kits to race every weekend. The a-arm mounting brackets are designed to be as strong as the a-arms connecting to them. The many separate brackets work together to share the load in all directions (such as rough terrain or hooking an occasional tree on the trails). These kits ARE designed (and used) for the harsh conditions of motocross racing.

All kits come powder coated gloss black. Color choice is not available, but other colors can be painted or powder coated by the customer over the gloss black finish.

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